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The Lodge

Welcome to the Lodge, a residential retreat centre in the heart of Normandy, 20 minutes from Rouen and 20 minutes from the coast (Dieppe). From January 2013 The Lodge will be available to book for retreats, from yoga to art, mediation to fitness. The house is nestled in the heart of Beaunay, one of Normandy's most traditional and secluded Heritage villages. It is a completely authentic hamlet with only a dozen houses to complement the church, the local school, the town hall, the village pond and of course the Lodge itself.

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 Friday the dog

 Mostly hunting (unsuccessfully) for moles, Friday can be seen wandering here, there and everywhere. A thouroghbred mongrel and sea dog, she makes the transition between country dog and city stray very well.

To see more interior shots of the accommodation, visit The Old Gallery website, which includes videos, photos and descriptions of the house and its surroundings. {The house is no longer for sale, but this site was created by a great friend of the house, Willow McIntosh, who runs a property company called 'Voice Your House'.}

Local Wildlife and Surrounding Area

The rear of The Lodge 

Chateau de Beaunay, our next door neighbours

 The Churchyard {you can see The Lodge in the distance}

Etretat, the jewel of the Alabaster Coast

Le Chateau de Valle de Sanne, 5 minutes away

 Day trips to the ancient and spectacular cathedral city of Rouen. Only a half hour away.

Rouen Cathedral by John Malloch-Caldwell

Easy transfer from Dieppe; only 20 km, less than 20 minutes. You will find the roads deserted compared to the UK.


Meditating on the ancient sacred site next to the church

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