The Painting Pirate

Self Portrait 

The Life

A boating fanatic, Danny spent the best part of ten years working, painting, and sailing on boats, even exhibiting on them whenever the chance arose. He still lives to combine painting and sailing and dreams one day of taking his floating gallery to the Pacific to do what comes most naturally to him.

 Home at sea - Danny in his element with his dog "Friday" never far away

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The Big Blue

With more than 70% of the planet covered by our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, how can this element not influence all of us? In reality it does; the moon alone gives us our tides, monthly
cycles and moods.
Danny draws nearly all his inspiration from the immense vastness of our "blue planet"

Living on the Sea

At the age of eighteen Danny joined the Royal Navy, during which time he lived on, worked on, and painted his love, the sea. This seafaring lifestyle was to develop into a way of life. The artist realized a life long dream in 2001 when he sailed away on a voyage of discovery in his own boat. His adventures took him all the way to the Mediterranean were he combined a life of sailing and painting.

"Going Aloft"

"Rowing for your Life"

Working on the sea

The people who choose to live their lives so close to nature have always fascinated the artist; there is a mutual respect and reverence towards something so powerful and abundant. These salty, brave characters figure again and again in his works.

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