The Elements

Planet Earth

Trying to capture the immensity of nature's power and size is not easy. The geographic reality is often too much to convey into words. To go beyond what we can see or understand has been man's eternal quest.

Going back centuries to a time when the planet was thought to be flat, the artist has pushed his imagination to try to paint its many forms. Danny's obsession with the sea and its horizons has led him to try to express all the globe's beautiful qualities using the horizon, clouds, waves and the wind.

"Blue Sphere"

The sea state

The sea can very quickly turn from friend to foe; in no time at all it can become a raging, powerful, destructive force.

"Agitation No. 1"

 The Pioneers

" Agitation No 2"

"Agitation  No. 3"

"Agitation Final"

"Old Navy"

"South Sea"

Many voyages and lives have been lost to the sea. Inaccurate maps and old charts were the cause of many shipwrecks and broken dreams. Also the foundation of man's pursuit to conquer and successfully navigate the new frontiers of our planet.

"Bohanons map"

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