The Mysteries of the Deep 

   Sailors' Souls


A watery grave

Being so close to nature, anybody living or workingfor any length of time knows only too well the risks of the deep blue. Only utter respect and careful attention to the weather, and the tell tale signs of a passing gull can be the difference between life and death. For an angry, raging sea is not a forgiving mistress.



Nature or Neptune, something or someone controls the tides and weather. Science and mythology have their place for all of us. Who would argue with either?


  Lost at Sea

One of the oldest and bravest professions, the fishermen of history have lived in constant peril. Untold seamen have fallen prey to the merciless deep, never to be recovered. For their loved ones there is only the horizon , and little consolation in an unmarked grave.

 Fair Wind

Too much to take ?

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